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Why do I need it?

Why do I need AdBlue?

Euro 6 Legislation

Euro 6 legislation requires diesel vehicle manufacturers to reduce exhaust emissions. Manufacturers believe the most cost effective way to do this is to treat exhaust gases downstream of the engine using Selective Catalytic Reduction Technology – this technique requires the use of AdBlue® from Landowner Blue.

If your engine is equipped with SCR technology and operates within the EU, AdBlue® is a legal requirement.

The Benefits of AdBlue® from Landowner Blue

  • Easy, simple, cost effective solution to reduce emissions
  • Landowner Products is an approved AdBlue® manufacturer and are nationwide AdBlue® suppliers
  • Landowner Blue is safe, non toxic, non harmful, non flammable
  • Complies with ISO 22241 for 100% quality
  • We will deliver direct to you
  • Range of storage options from 5 litre cans, 200L drums, 1000 litre IBC’s to large bulk storage.

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